Teenage children there

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Youth, is a bright, light the memory of pain is gone Enterprise Server Hosting . Experienced shouldn't experience, tried shouldn't try, also gave up should have insisted on things.  will always be a little rebellious, remember only fifteen years old this year I began to quarrel with mother, began to abandon my father do food tasted bad. Perhaps a few bigger, again big some, I can become sensible, but now, it was fifteen years old, I a person's 15 years old!

The clock rules of roll pendulum rocking the, youth wheels straight forward, without direction has a purpose. 15 years old youth is left on the bike you find limited , the school road mercedes-benz figure with our youth, died in the busy crowd or dim lights. Youth, no tired, our youth on the road!

Flower river, in between the two sides, the left bank is worth I hold bright mood, is the right I can't forget the memories. Fifteen, lost two changed my good friend, or is not lost the beauty , just temporarily no longer contact, I began to cherish nearby of friend. Memories on the parallel bars, I can't forget, that long I one year old boy, with a deep eyes, looked at the blue sky, inadvertently revealed the mature, is I once thought, but now, I'm 15 years old, I have my energy, I have my freedom, not to think of the profound, because, I am fifteen years old!

Twenty years later, after ten years, perhaps, when remembering again 15 years old, is a naive, is ignorance, but now, I don't regret, I am not afraid, because this year, I 15 years old!

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