body and intoxicated

8/9/2015   瀏覽:543    

Aimlessly wandering in March meng meng in the drizzle, delimit as those from the peach blossom falls the rain drops of my body and mind, wetting my forehead, fall into your eyes, gently slide into a vein bitter tears over my cheek, I inhaled it indifferent heart, sorrow, joy, enchanted, let the whole body and mind is immersed in a continuous rain, mind wandering like the rain in the wind blown.
Space and time elyze, everything seems back to the once upon a time, meet in the rain is the most beautiful, I can't forget, can't forget. How longing for you, I am eager to you across the mountains and arrived at my side, your HaoChiMingMou, your employer Christine fair, your shadow, is my forever waiting in the rain. Today, I come, I feel your tenderness of the water in the rain, is so beautiful, so pain, so long. I was immersed in the smoke fog rain's world, miss your beauty, indulge in my mind. The meng meng rain instantaneous blurs the line of sight, I like, those rocking gently in the wind of the flowers are your touch kind, instantly, a kind of joy and emotion surges to my heart, my with my soul.
So the rain kept on dancing, I look for you, in the rain permeated the rain is like my thoughts elyze, strips, strings, curling, touching unceasingly, joins the tianya each one of you and me.
As if, I have felt you by rain moist breath, heart is like the spring rain moist in March, affectionately tender, linger around my body, filar silk sweet, intoxicated with my soul elyze . I know, you are in the memory of that layer cascade folds, chewing heartache, flexuous melancholy.


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