with only one of the wandering

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The original ah, far away, this after the leave, will life, after we will appreciate we tend to feel, perhaps; That is heaven arrangement good meet, meet you, let me run out of life, deeply caring the beauty , vaguely remembered, because the mind from mysterious feeling, let I touched and moving heartstrings, every encounter, deeply touched, when looking back at upstream in sadness, boundless loneliness, shallow sing desolate loneliness, sky, quietly watching white clouds in the sky, wandering in the years of miss, panting, always can't keep up with the pace of the journey, the original, I a person have condemned the wind light cloud light.

A busy world, young things already leave what, only left  Cloud Management Tool  , is that people often say the experience and maturity, what can experience and mature is? Is empty in the heart had never faded color? Intense aromas of black and white in the sadness? Mysteriously bound at tired long frozen corner, let a person can't help it, fear of rubbish to transform the residual cracks and broken, sad story scenes in the middle of the mind, not say, broken line kite in the sky of ethereal swing forever, no direction of drifting, even holes, still shaky, not playing the landing.

Bags, loaded with the drift of the album, want to don't start a TV drama, in the old time again and again, be quiet time pinched into pieces, and in a false oath, let the heart pain, understand, just may have found that the most romantic journey, always in sorrow, in the scenery in the journey, a man, it is very good, all of the worries will be the wind light cloud light, put down the camouflage strong, long, lonely time, is not you, but in the solitude of soul, sadness already disguise the comings and goings in the drift, this life, fate destined to early ok, I'm just a adrift of tourists. Every one section of the road of life, can only be a person walk, even if it is too late, don't let the cold world of dust frozen smile.

Walking from the depths of the twilight years, with the fate of their bags, adrift in the world in the wind, the wind let each time the dream be dawn reenex , with wings of freedom, and ran away.

From on this scenery, and on schedule with the drift of the free and easy, wandering rub shoulders in the journey, the depths of the light, the time of the edge, then some scar pain, gone with the wind.

People in the ways of life, always hum, like the scenery of the trip, dress up the drifting bags and someone will come quietly, silently waiting for, like a long light, light up our; Journey, the warmth of wandering alone, too much in a hurry away, hate don't cherish, read first, such as meteor, not eternal, still added a moment of pity twinkle moving with the bosom friend, no matter why, cherish the memory with the emergence of chapters, that is a line the fate met, a scenery, thank you for the journey, thank you for the time, teach us how to quell the unrest and forbear, thanks to drift, let me walk safely in the world, after several menstrual cramps without words, learn the wind light cloud light

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