hong kong activists have held

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Hong Kong activists have held their annual washing in the pillar of Disgrace, a monument with the University of Hong Kong that commemorates the victims of your 1989 Tiananmen Sq. massacre.

As the university of hong kong committed to leading research

Around 10 associates from the Hong Kong Alliance in Assist of patriotic Democratic Movements in China put bouquets in the pillar and observed just one minute of silence. They then scrubbed the engraving for the pillar??¥s base.

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The celebration also coincided while using the centenary of China??¥s anti-imperialist Could Fourth motion. ???Over the earlier hundred years, the individuals who converse the reality which has a scientific spirit are actually tortured and oppressed, as well as the people today preventing for democracy have been imprisoned and in some cases?- gave their lives,??à explained HKA Chairman Albert Ho.


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Hong Kong activists wash Tiananmen

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