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  polyU develops electrostatically charged nanofiber for airborne filtration

  by Hong Kong polytechnic College

  polyU develops electrostatically billed nanofiber for airborne filtration

  prof. Leung has produced the electrostatically billed pVDF nanofiber filter. Credit rating: Hong Kong polytechnic University

  The Department of Mechanical Engineering on the Hong Kong polytechnic University (polyU) has not too long ago created an electrostatically billed nanofiber filter with several separator levels, which might capture pollutant particles which might be underneath 100 nm in diameter (masking the commonest airborne nano-particles and viruses). The novel nanofiber filter demonstrates much better general performance with regard to breathability, filtration efficiency (ten p.c higher compared to the common electret microfiber filter), and shelf everyday living (around 90 days).

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  Nano-aerosols of one hundred nm and under in diameter exist everywhere you go in urban environments, and by advantage in their smaller sizes, may be simply inhaled into human bodies. Most airborne viruses, from influenza to epidemic viruses like Swine Flu or SARS, are during the dimension array of a hundred nm. It continues to be a challenging mission for researchers to establish user-friendly air filter or mask for helpful capture of nano-particles and also to protect persons from damaging airborne contaminants and viruses that will have an effect on health.

  The group led by Ir. professor Wallace Leung Woon-Fong, Chair professor of progressive Merchandise and Systems, utilised and analyzed polyvinylidene fluoride (pVDF), a semi-crystalline thermoplastic frequently made use of as insulation on electrical wires, to fabricate nanofiber filters. Applying ground breaking technological innovation in Corona Discharge, the group imparted electrostatic rates on to pVDF nanofiber, to induce electrical interaction with aerosols in shut distance and capture the aerosols proficiently.

  Comparing with other filters manufactured with billed microfibers or uncharged fibers available on the market, polyU's novel filter have significantly improved filtration performance, still with out increasing tension fall over time (increased force fall usually means a filter facing larger airflow resistance, and therefore remaining a lot less breathable for your mask person or diminished movement amount for the place filter). The pVDF nanofiber has proved being stably charged, with charging effect remaining for nearly a few months. In prior literatures on charging other nanofibers, the imparted rates normally dissipate inside per day.

        polyu research teams achieved breakthrough and world changing discoveries in various fields, contributing to society and global sustainable development.
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