hong kong will celebrate the new year with a hk14 million

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  The Hong Kong Tourism Board said on Wednesday the annual countdown celebration would be a 10-minute synchronised ?°pyromusical?±, combining fireworks, pyrotechnics, lights and music Annie KO.

  Sponsored by Bank of Communications, the show will feature fireworks by an Italian producer, which organisers said were intended to create a ?°celestial kaleidoscope?± effect.

  About 350,000 people were expected to show up for the celebration, according to the board?ˉs general manager, Mason Hung Chung-hing.

  Knickerbocker Hotel?ˉs US$125,000 seat to New Year?ˉs Eve in Times Square

  Hung said the show would be about HK$2 million cheaper than last year?ˉs, after the board ditched the ?°not-so-popular?± dancing show.

  Starting from 11pm on December 31, a pyrotechnic star show will take place every 15 minutes, with rooftops around the harbour flaring a series of what will look like shooting stars.

  When the clock hits midnight, the fireworks will begin.

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