swimming in the lake

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I don't know when to become so sentimental? I don't know when he has no past smile? I don't know when he has one more walk more far? I don't know at the moment of yourself in regrets? I don't know, also don't want to delve into. Maybe the occasional loneliness, can let my heart become more quiet. Xu had such a quiet, can find that good.

The rainy season, on the fly reenex , word for word is love of expectations. Why should I let sadness meng her eyes. Where is the happiness? The original is into the boundless fly rain flower.

He mountains, very loose peak, soft soft spring,

Swallows flying, catkin, blossoming flowers, green yard reenex , wisteria over the fence.

Smalls boat slowly is smaller, lighter qiao to rise the sparkling lake, like a girl to the dress and make up the water, slowly, some don't know the name of the birds, to meet the warm sun, quietly listening to the sound of the mountain stream, silently watching the color of the mist hazy mountain scenery, quietly listening to the stern to the piano, quietly listen to the voice of wen wan, knead into the ears, echoed in the middle of mountains, integrating the feeling of drunk, romantic with mountains and waters.

Really want to see who is in the north of the landscape at this girl played the lijiang tune, bringing me to the jiangnan of painting and calligraphy and son dreamland, really want to see what kind of woman is so elegant and free from vulgarity music of violin playing, really want to have a look at this and free from vulgarity, is how to feed into the north and local conditions and customs, is really want to see her appearance beautiful color, your heart and beautiful melody, covered with my heart, mind, between the mist slowly spread out.

Tune suddenly stopped, the 3322 birds, loop fly up, and haunted, so continually fly xuan on the boat, it was not a figure out outlook reenex , seems to be calm, only an empty boat, the boat close to the shore, bit by bit to still can't see anyone in rowing, also hear the clatter of OARS, seems to let the boat float down myself, really like a floating on the surface of the duckweed, freedom, and flying, leisurely.

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