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My story with the book has no beginning and no ending. When he came, he came slowly and went quietly. I had never seen him in his true colors, but I knew that the good times alone with him were the greatest wealth of my life

When I recall the past, books always bring me a kind of unpredictable, boundless but true and touching feeling, and they are often integrated with books, sometimes penetrating into the soul and peering into the heart. Sometimes through time and space, taste the history; Sometimes travel together, participate in various stories Remove all the tedious and tasteless in the world, and leave only the most clear and bright heart to read without any desire Serviced apartment Central, which is a unique spiritual dialogue and spiritual roaming between the book and me. In my solitude with the book, I saw kindness and beauty. I was moved by the wonderful and the happiness in the book.

When I was a child, I did not know what, books are the food of the spirit, the wings of the wise bird... Just in reading, gradually infatuate with this kind of filling and halcyon feeling, if so, I with infatuation pay, its also forever with!

I am dull, but I know very well that reading is not only about seeing the black and white words that leap on the surface of the plane, but about feeling them, and turning silence into sound.

Listen to the book. Listen to history.

Reading history books is not to bury myself in a pile of boring ivory towers and listen attentively. I can hear the rumble and rumble of the great wheel of history and relive the charm of 5,000 years. From the primitive people to the establishment and consolidation of clan communes, it is a burst of wisdom. From ancient abdication to the establishment of hereditary system, it is the call of history. From Chen sheng wu guang's shout to song jiang fang la's arm cry serviced apartments hong kong, is the inner cry; From the taiping heavenly kingdom of gunsmoke to huanghuagang bullets, we can hear the national transportation of the SOB. Listen to history, listen to history have some low sobs, have some Shouting, see history have some brilliant, have some tragic, the heart will be proud and heavy.

Listen to the book, listen to the heart.

When I read prose, I am not trying to figure out the profound meaning, the emotional direction, and more, I can hear the delirium in the book. Travel in prose. Mr. Qiu yu led me to search for the old things in dunhuang outside the frosty and snowy yangguan road. Eileen chang lit a incense stick. In the haze, I seemed to go back to old Shanghai, listening to the rhythm of flowing cheongsam and the hard breathing of life in rickshaws. SAN MAO led me all the way through Spain, the Sahara desert, I seem to hear the desert, the blood under the camel's faint sigh.. Listen to all the songs of the soul throbbing between the words.

Listen to the book, and listen to life!

Reading philosophy is not a meditation on hard words, nor is it a reading of braille, but a search for truth in the depths of a philosopher. I understand that time is fleeting and precious. Buddha sat quietly in bodhi and realized the universe of life. I heard the words of wisdom coming from the infinite Aqua Peel. The silence of the infinite space made me afraid, wrote the great gerpascale of France. What I heard was the closest and truest account of life Listen and listen to the words of the wise men. At the same time, I also think that I should take back some white clouds from the infinite and wipe the dust and debris from my heart with its purity.

Reading, therefore, does not merely allow the eyes to swim between the lines, nor does it merely allow the emotions to drift away from the plot, but rather requires the heart to hear, and to throb with the deep soul of the book So can, listen to the nature, the pine wave bursts, is the pine forest rhythm; The chirp is the chirp of autumn insects. Experience is like bitterness, it is the complaint of the rules. Listen to the heart, tender feelings, is a tender feeling; Burning like fire, a passion; A kind greeting is a heart of ice. Listen to literary talent, there are qu, tao, li, du euphemistic ci, fresh and bright; Aileen's style is brilliant, tender and dreamlike. Han han, Annie's personality flying, human nature perception.

Listen to the book and this is the story between me and the book

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