it is also a kind of warmth to accompany in silence

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Good karma may meet cannot be asked, and good decree by destiny to gather, true feelings can keep not throw, a heart of love is never say break up, don't make love, become used to have, don't make a fault, miss into life, some people, not don't want to forget, but forget, there are always some feeling, not don't want to put, but is not put, the scar is painful, is not completely healed, surface with a carefree, in fact, once the rink hijinks tao lung, love is too true, hurt too deep, maybe not forever is the most beautiful, have the so-called, it doesn't matter, who maybe also is not who's who, life, say not over, considering affection, lane unknown who wake up drunk, The people forget the pain, can not let go of their most understand, some people have everything in my heart, is the mouth can't speak, so humbled themselves, some things have already know the answer, just don't want to point, so torture yourself.

Cherish not talk together, but with the heart, love is not a whim, but I linked, inarticulate, actually is the most sincere heart, in fact, smirking, affection is the most persistent, reluctant to hurt someone, always to forgive with a smile, her love yourself, always with tears to support, some feeling, can only be given to the heart, into tears, some feelings, can only check in the lip, hidden in the heart, this life, always be unwilling to accept the reality, don't want to inherit the mood, always rink hijinks tao lung to face, but not effusive brought the goodwill of the meaning has been waiting for, fall in love at but not to conscience, such as found in the back.

A truly, can't afford to hurt again and again, a special feeling, can't stand aloof, tears, is talking, love dearly, is invisible to the cold, hard to cover their hot heart, is not worth the pain, I do not know to cherish, not worth, etc., we are looking and searching, nothing more than to find a speaker at any time and place, distance is not a problem, as long as the heart to understand, is not afraid of the virtual network, as long as the sincerity, to talk, from unknowingly bored, silently accompany, is also a kind of warm, can share the joy, also can share the pain, can enjoy telling, also can listen to, heart lung, is the heart of the same, to be very considerate, is a blend of mood.

Predestination, pulling two people, understand, care for the two hearts, of the world is big, not many people can meet, is boundless, can know each other very little heart, the heart of man, will only in the heart, move feeling of affection, with deep feeling, heart is tiny, with a love enough, time is little, it is good to accompany a person, the most really love, is a character, the deepest feeling is undivided attention, the direction of the road, feet know, the direction of love, heart know too much, the heart will be tired, love need too the United States, will be broken, light years, is a good friend together together, struck the wind and rain, it is the true meaning, for sticking by edge depth, Protection is warm, love is long, treasure is forever.

People on the road, a lot of people willing to accompany you a ride, but seldom can accompany your life, who is in silently waiting for, who had never gone far, who has been for you, care about you, whether to treat, you care about, is there? Feelings, the most rare, is a consistent care, can always accompany you to the last, is the longest confession of love, don't ignore the side plain have, more don't wait until lost, just know what is missing, the mind between the company and is connected to the soul, is the spirit of warmth, warm, is a feeling of the heart, touched, is a kind of tenderness, the tears had never met, but true miss, in the end of the world.

Life the happiest matter, is someone to accompany, someone to understand, it is a good fate also can not stand, again deep feelings also need to cherish the present, the song can be single cycle, people can't miss, love can be plain, heart cannot turn a blind eye, people care about you don't care everlasting, care more about what you want to don't want to have to forgive your people are willing to forgive your everything, because don't want to lose your world, in fact, in this world, not many people can put you in heart, taking care to be together, to cherish the present only concession, again and again to forgive, the fate of the hands to hold, love is everlasting, love to cherish attentively, love will be linked together, The years are long and cherish each other.

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