these hot hair dyes contain some substances

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1, less smoking and less drinking

Little hair, smoking is the help of hair loss! Long term smoking and excessive smoking will cause blockage of the small blood vessels connected with scalp, resulting in the failure of nutrients and oxygen to serve hair follicles and affect hair growth. And experiments have shown that smoking inhibits the division of hair follicle cells. For example, androgenic alopecia (seborrheic alopecia) is a hereditary, androgen related disease. Smoking also reduces estrogen and increases male hormones. For androgenic alopecia, smoking aggravates hair loss. In addition, less drinking is also a necessary measure.

2. Do not surf the Internet all night

Less head and hair, please less all night Internet cafe! A study by the American Health Association found that 85.3% of people who had long Internet access and games had different degrees of hair loss. The reason is the long-term use of computer, attention concentration, prolonged brain excitability will continue to increase the brain, the endocrine function related to hair growth disorder, sebaceous glands exuberant, very easy to block hair follicles, so that hair nutrition supply disorders, resulting in increased hair brittleness and prone to hair loss, hair loss and hair loss. . People who stay up late will be unable to bear the nervous system and intestines and stomach due to the disorder of biological clock, which will cause serious kidney deficiency and lead to hair loss.

3. Frequent ironing should be avoided

To solve the problem of hair loss, we must check the bad habit of frequent perming and dyeing. Ironing will make the structure of hair change greatly, the current perm technology, the general need to assist the chemical water to handle hair, and, very 

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