reduction of 6,000-10,000 student visas

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  After the Labor Party came to power, the immigration visa policy will be more conservative. International students who want to study and immigrate may face a higher threshold. The number of overseas student visas will be reduced by 6,000-10,000.

  International students with lower academic qualifications will no longer be eligible for graduation

  Foreign students with lower academic qualifications will not be issued to them if they do not receive a job offer from a New Zealand company after graduation. This reduction plan is expected to eliminate 90-1.2 million people.

  New immigrants must also be dispersed to different regions; immigrants must have a minimum level of English; for work visas, employers must first hire New Zealanders!

  $261 million loss

  Recently, the New Zealand Department of Business Entrepreneurship and Employment (MBIE) submitted a survey to the Department of Immigration.

  The report pointed out that if the government tightens its study abroad policy, the number of foreign students will be reduced by 7,000-10,000 in the coming year, and this will bring New Zealand losses of 261 million NZD.

  The market for low-degree courses will be greatly impacted

  At present, international students studying in New Zealand can obtain 20 hours of legal working hours according to the policy. After completing the school's coursework, all international students can obtain a working visa for one year.

  However, if it is in accordance with the Labor Party's plan, restrictions on working visas for international students. Then the international students who study low-level courses may not be able to obtain a work visa to stay in New Zealand.

  The report shows that in 2017, about one-third of the students studying in New Zealand took part in a course with low academic qualifications. Affected by this policy, private schools (PTEs) in New Zealand will be greatly impacted.

  In addition, colleges and universities, such as polytechnics and technical colleges, that have recruited a large number of international students in recent years will also be affected.

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