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6 children's learning corners between children and the world of Enlightenment

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To make children fall in love with learning, first of all, let them fall in love with their learning field. Beautiful, new and special learning angle is the key to attracting children to sit down and study. It is particularly important to design and decorate with ingenuity. The following are 6 excellent examples of children's learning areas, hoping to find a perfect world for your children.

A good office chair should have a good lumber support to ensure the lower back is in great position when a person is sitting. Actually, a great chair should come with an adjustable lumbar support system, so that it can fit on the chair perfectly. This is critical because it helps to prevent the back from striating, in which it can case sciatica.

[Case1] the small world of small archaeologists

Desk (desk decoration effect map), seats, bookshelves are like the earth's coffee color; the table's vigorous potted plants, the specimens in the box, the microscope, as if in the study of what; a bookshelf of butterfly specimens, rock specimens; high earth hills outside the window, scattered green planting... If you have sold the identity of the owner of the cabin, "the archaeologist", he must have a strong interest in archaeology, and his parents have created a field of learning that is so interested in the children. If you have found the interest of the children, the design of the learning angle must be thought carefully. These are all the reasons for deciding the good future of the child. prime.

[Case2] blue and green tunable template

Green represents hope, ideal, blue represents reason and serenity. In the space of blue and green, children are hopeful and quiet to their ideals. To build a blue and green tuning learning angle, we need to pay attention from the bottom to the top. First, the carpet of blue and green stripes (the effect of the carpet decoration), the lower part of the area, the next, the white seat with the green cushion, and the green trash can, the blue lamp and so on, all are the need to make the blue and green adjustment. prepare elements, finally, offer the strongest rendering power of the blue wall, for the wall painted on the pale sky color, the entire area immediately tone. The blue and green space is full of hopeful colors.

The short term serviced apartment  hongkong not only provides you with all the basic facilities, but has kept in mind every little detail while designing the living area according to the needs of contemporary needs. The whole residence area and even every room have been designed with extreme detailing.

[Case3] small and delicate learning of small corners

A very small learning angle, though small, can still find the love of mom and dad. The blue wave seat is comfortable and beautiful, and it matches the wave point lamp. The most beautiful thing is the background wall of the study cabinet: the beautiful color paper cutting, the instant paste of the inspirational sentence, and the most ingenious thing is the hook effect, the necklace, the watch and so on. The items often need to be worn, not only in order, but also convenient to take, and the hand watch can serve as the function of the clock. The parents carefully put pictures and paper flowers on their children. A beautiful background, full of interest in the background wall brings fun to children's boring learning.

A folding desk (Case4)

If your home has no space for children to set up a desk as a learning corner, then the folding design will be satisfied with you, this folding desk, can speak table board at any time to turn out, when you don't need it, stack up, talk about a block of bookshelves, desk lamps, books and so on. Even if the family is too small, the child's learning angle must not be ignored. This may well affect his whole life.

[Case5] forget the learning angle of the blackboard wall

If there is nothing special about furniture and pattern, then the background wall is the magic weapon for building a perfect learning corner. Completely on the background wall, the white blackboard is used as the base of the background wall, and many regions are divided, which are the decoration area, the clock area, the receiving area and the memorandum angle. The decoration area is a black spot with some clippings on it; the big clock is located in the middle and upper area to provide time reference for the children; the area is in the middle and lower sides, the studs are booked, the scissors, the chest, the necklace and so on, and a beautiful life picture can be booked; and the memo corner is located around 2, respectively. At the end, the left can be used as a reminder for the children, on the right, to record the tips of the children's homework, and the white blackboard, very well wiped, and the blackboard on the blackboard on the blackboard. In addition, parents painted the children with green wall paint, green eye fatigue relief effect, the children's eyes are very helpful.

"Case6" can "turn off" the learning angle

The learning angle is full of creative sense, the learning angle is hidden in the whole cabinet, and the door is closed. The computer, keyboard, printer and other digital hardware are placed in the cabinet neatly. After the computer, the background wall is attached with the periodic table, and the model is placed next to the computer. The most beautiful of course is the scenery on the two cabinet doors, one side is the photo wall + receive, the other side is the blackboard + receive, both functions and display. When children go out to school, parents only need to sort out the area, close the cupboard door, or even lock it up, so that the learning angle can be stealth immediately.

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