it was the voice of yeh. listen

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Listen, it was the voice of Yeh. Listen, it was sobbing in drizzle; Listen, it was sobbing in the water; Listen, it was the silence of heaven. As the autumn rain came, it landed... With the temperature of the Arctic Ocean, it hit the warm current of the Pacific Ocean. The moment of the moment is just a flash of lightning that instantly disappears into the low and bleak curtain.

In this alternating season of warmth and warmth, any sentimentality will be submerged in this dead tree branch; any warmth and warmth will drift in the wind. The chrysanthemums of yellow and pink swaying bloom, it is the darling of this fall. The white and elegant Dangui waited silently and was full of fragrance. It was the angel of this fall. My nose is almost deaf and I can't smell the flowers. My tears are blurred, and I can't see how delicate the flowers are. My feeling was numb. I couldn't judge the crystals and the clarity of the rain. Just as it was a tearful speech, it slipped over her cheek and spread in the wind and rain of the season. There were no traces of it. Among the remnants of the memory, the concentrated salt on the corners of the mouth reminded me of the sourness.

In my season, I vaguely remember that it was a spring season in March. The mountains and fields of Yingshanhong opened every corner of the cliff. You say: "I like azaleas." I remember in mind. In the afternoon on Sunday, I climbed the mountains to find the most brilliant, the biggest, the best one. Carefully. Place it on your desk. I want to give you a surprise.

All the students have arrived. You did not come. The students were whispering. I know it is talking about me and your life. Just on this particular occasion, I have the feeling of being surrounded by heat waves. I have no time to read, eyes full of you and me. In my classmate career, I didn't feel anything special about you or me. It was the school outing that made me feel your presence. I climbed onto a magnificent rock alone, overlooking your wolverine. After several attempts, you failed to climb and begged me to help you. I said, "The above is too small to stand up to you and me." You said, "The place where you can accommodate is also tolerant to me." I learned that you and I are not so far apart, and there is still a little Close to the feeling. I reach out. The temperature of your palm flows over my arm and spreads to my heart. With boiling blood, it passes over my cheek and irons my throat. It's warm, it's moving, like a glowing flame, licking me. Every nerve.

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