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of the skin is white and red, but it is clear that the vast majority of women have a variety of skin problems, some of the girls a sallow skin dark heavy, serious damage to the personal image. Don't look sallow is good, so I want to improve the color to improve complexion. So how is it better? Small editor reminded everyone to pay attention to these problems.
1. It's no harm to pick it up, and the vegetables are the same<a style="color:#33333; text-decoration:none;" href="">This 1 Piece</a><a style="color:#33333; text-decoration:none;" href="">of Magical</a><a style="color:#33333; text-decoration:none;" href="">Decor Will</a><a style="color:#33333; text-decoration:none;" href="">Transform</a><a style="color:#33333; text-decoration:none;" href="美妝單品假期美麗就靠它">Your Bar</a><a style="color:#33333; text-decoration:none;" href="">Cart in the Best.</a>
The latest research in the US found that broccoli and cabbage are not only good sources of coarse fiber, but also take away excess moisture in the body during digestion to prevent edema. Experts suggest that if you don't want to wake up the swelling on the second day in the morning, you can properly eat these vegetables at dinner. Cauliflower, lettuce, winter gourd also have the same effect, love beauty and love healthy you can eat this kind of vegetables.
2. A little drink of yellow wine
Don't look good because sometimes dark lip color led. Chinese Medicine found that many women in 30 years of age have spleen deficiency, the most obvious symptom is white lips, no color. Daily make-up remover can not see, after the discovery of his lips for a long time just paint lipstick palette. Want to have a beautiful face, from the beginning has a rosy lip color. And has natural pink lip color, need to pay attention to spleen. In addition to eat food such as yam spleen, experts suggest that cold weather can have a little Yellow Wine table, which is also the most traditional recipe for invigorating the spleen, help to improve the color. In the warm wine adding ginger, plum, make it more rich. But it needs to be reminded that it is good to drink one cup a day, not to overdose.
3. Drink water best and make yourself a caffeine container
Scientific research has found that there is a widespread problem of excessive caffeine intake in modern people, especially in white-collar people. In the middle of the day, we drink coffee, tea, coke and sports drinks, all of which contain more or less caffeine, but white water is less. Excessive intake of caffeine can lead to problems such as anxiety, heartbeat acceleration and insomnia, and also indirectly affect our good face. The excessive intake of caffeine makes us more prone to insomnia, which is a good way to sleep well? It is suggested that the daily supplement of water can be completed by drinking water, eating fruit, drinking porridge and so on, reducing the intake of caffeine.
4, cultivate a good habit of toilet and not pass the daily detoxification opportunities
The food we eat every day is digested and some of the waste and toxins need to be discharged. Whether these toxins are discharged in time is important for the face color. When food enters the body, it is digested through the stomach first and then absorbed by the small intestine. If there is constipation, the toxin that stays in the small intestine will pass through the whole body through blood flow, so that the skin will become yellow and rough, which will affect our good face. A cup of warm water from the morning of the morning helps to wake up the sleeping intestines and let our day begin with light. A constipated diet. Inadequate dietary fiber intake is a major cause of constipation. If you can't guarantee that you eat seven kinds of fruits and vegetables every day, it's also a good way to make a good look with a vegetable and fruit juice.
5. Take a nap to enjoy the afternoon Cosmetology
Yes, it's a luxury for the office workers to take a nap. But more and more studies have found that nap daily and long - term health will also help to keep energy in the afternoon. The midday nap can make the brain and body double, making us better and more energetic in the day. It needs to be reminded that if you have a rest on your desk, you'd better shut down the computer to stop the radiation.
6, hawthorn, every woman should eat good face food
That afternoon tea, many people will think of Western tea: do Tiramisu soft cheese or a cup of cappuccino rich milk bubble. Although the taste of these foods is attractive, but the heat is high, the nutrients are single, too much fat will make the skin color uneven. Experts recommend that you drink a cup of hawthorn tea every day, because Hawthorn can significantly reduce serum cholesterol, blood pressure, diuresis and sedation. It can strengthen the heart, increase the blood flow of the coronary artery, expand the blood vessel, and make the facial color red. It can be said that hawthorn is a good face food for every woman to eat. In addition to hawthorn, jujube, fig and other classic female food can also be used as a small snack every day. Because they are all helpful to our good color.
If the skin is good, must learn to adjust, starting from improvecomplexion, then solve the sallow skin dark heavy problem. In addition to paying attention to a reasonable diet, you can also use white vinegar to wash your face or apply a cucumber to the face. In peacetime, we should develop good habits, try not to stay up late, ensure adequate sleep, and take part in physical exercise, all of which can improve the skin color.

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