a love diet with a locked heart

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17, the first love is a pineapple goo Lao meat, sweet, sour, a bite to eat, then addicted, let life constantly add seasoning of memory, then the two people love is standing the time-honored wallpaper, wall is broken, yellow paper, is still so far out of reach, is the light mole brows, others to see is a float in the sky of eminence, behind the photos carefully written on the heart, shallow weak gradually, nearly blood seeping, finally become a piece of scar. And alone the night, a chance to fall in the moment, the quiet mirror reflects the pain in the chest, transparent and sharp. At this time, the love always has to bear the appetite, after all, the sweetness is too luxurious and rich, the function of the small age digestive system is far less than the perfect and strong imagination. Therefore, we finally understand the reason why the predecessors made the term of premature death, but the first one is to lose the innocent love.

20 years old love is a boiled fish. River fish is delicious av equipment rental, condiment, makes it and enjoy its tears, after repeated circulation as the material, it is said that in every pot pulled chili will use a pot, let the taste of the tongue feel shocked. When love is like a half fire, half water view, hurt so heavy, and malicious, then love is always to leave a couple of acne, tongue smile won't easily say pain of life, is to commemorate this waste young frivolous.

The love of 27 years old should be a return of the pork, the pork belly is to be Fried some more, the age is old, can not bear the young heavy greasy. Instead of red pepper enchanting make wake taste, love more chewing head at this moment, it was the season of autumn, love and life, always keep clear, weigh in the life of a few wake up several enlightenment, big is not composed straight in.

35 years old love, little green onion bean curd, smooth and smooth, stick to own bone Serviced Apartment HK, fusion is the flavor of each other, and spirit, still independent. Just pour advantage of space, not pressed the fire to get along with, love like autumn lake cools, then the affair even, also intact, because spring Onions and tofu always know what he is. Although some of the sad and incomplete, always can not disguise the mouth of the mouth of a smirk, the smile is not know which, the sky street light rain, soft and crisp, the city of yanliu also know the best place to spring.

60, love is the need to use basin serving northeast dish -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a stew, boil the young arrises edges Angle, sweet day bubbles, two heads of thinking are put together, the corner of the pot on the stove the bisk serene and comfortable in winter snow night Accpac, when he finally boil a pot of good soup, love also fortunately got satisfactory.

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