give life a different practice

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Qingxiu is a kind of cultivation, it is also a kind of special taste, if you want to clear in the red dust, it is very difficult, the flood of goods will torture your nerves. Money is a bow, desire is an arrow, shot out arrow, which hand in the world can receive back?

The retreat mountain forest is also a good choice, so, the ancient people of benevolence, or escape from the reality, or take refuge, the unrewarded of their own ambition to the cloud nine days. This is indeed a dilemma choice, life in the world, countless who want to be somebody, somebody for the future, do not hesitate to betray my own soul and life, so, should we very admire those who dare to think, they are indeed the world one of the few see through.

Actually, what we want everyone, it is the spirit and belief of life out of a home, especially middle-aged, career, family and money already, this experience has been experienced, shouldn't experience out of reach, physical have seen many, love and not love is also a kind of suffering, or the love and marriage has just recovered from the mire, rely on alcohol anaesthetizing self, but wine is not the solution. If you can get by on alcohol, you're on the verge of death. Wake up.

Out of a home, it is another kind of life, can let love heart rest, let the heart of corrosion by money back to the nature, let all the worries stay down, vientiane update, all zero, start all over again.

The highest state of being out of the house was a daze, which the monk had said. Originally, in the enjoyment of the daze, in the red dust in the lotus pond in the buddhist country, soaked an altar to ask the world, do not mess with the dust of the world.

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