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Always hear people complaining about their skin is getting worse, do not know what the reason is, the original small pores become larger and larger, the entire facial skin feels like there are many small lumps, whether this is how the original hate pores become increasingly thick? The beauty specialist concluded that the following four reasons were the culprit of the large poresThis 1 Pieceof MagicalDecor WillTransformYour BarCart in the Best.
1 skin aging
With the increase of age, blood circulation is gradually not smooth. The subcutaneous tissue and adipose tissue of the skin are also easy to relax and lack of elasticity. If it is not given proper care and care, it will accelerate the aging, and the pores will naturally expand. If your pores are caused by the aging of the skin, it is imperative for you to control the aging of your skin.
2 bad habits
Many people have experienced the experience of puberty and smallpox. Excessive extrusion of acne can cause the skin to rupture. Once it hurts the dermis, it will leave a concavo convex scar and make the pores thick. And the long use of strong convergent make-up water, strong drug cream, anti-inflammatory water will also make the pores more serious, and the hair will expand more and more. In addition, smoking and drinking and other bad habits is caused by coarse pores curse.
3 excess oil secretion
As the sebum is exuberant, the excess sebum accumulates in the hair follicle, expanding the pores and slowly appearing the pores. For such skin, regular deep cleaning and exfoliation work is very important to avoid the accumulation of grease stains in the pores.
4 unsuitable cleanliness
The epidermal basal layer of skin is constantly making cells, eliminating old and dead cells, and transporting them to the upper layer. If we don't pay attention to clean skin and make the metabolism not smooth, it will enlarge the pores. This is the result of long-term residue of uncleaned sebum dirt. In addition, if the steps are not carried out thoroughly, the pores will be large.

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