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Inventory of Britain's "baretest" nine majors

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Weekly study time: 47 hours

Medical-related students spend 17 hours outside class every week, classrooms take 16 hours, and 14 hours for self-paced learning.

The king of the king of time is none other than its crown. It seems that when she was a senior medical student, she advised me not to study medicine. As the saying goes: "persuading people to learn medicine, days of thunder." Words weeping blood, including the predecessors of the tears of repentance. From this point of view, studying medicine should be universally recognized as hard to learn!hong kong healthcare pharmaceutical companies have made huge investments in wellness sector with innovative machineries.

Medicine and Dentistry

Weekly study time: 46 hours

According to HEPI data, medical and dental students spend 19 hours a week for classroom and group discussions, and are the longest-serving profession in the classroom. In addition, students also need to take self-study for 16 hours and 11-hour internships.

Can people say what? The two most busy professionals are contracted by medicine! I can only say a word to the medical students to admire!


Weekly study duration: 42 hours

Education students spend 12 hours a week in classrooms and discussion groups, autonomous learning takes 13 hours, and extracurricular activities take 17 hours. Don't think too much about the extra-curricular activities of others. It is definitely not to go to the picnic to play, but to do in the classroom or educational institutions.

According to figures from the British Teacher Union, teachers need to work 60 hours a week. There is no way to deal with the special requirements of the profession. We only need to think about how hard we learned when we were young.Clinicians should keep an eye on opioid misuse this patient population.

Architecture, Construction and Planning

Weekly study duration: 40 hours

Students majoring in architecture, construction, and planning need to spend an average of 20 hours a week to conduct autonomous learning. This is the longest time for all majors to study autonomously. In addition, students need 13 hours for class and group discussions and 7 hours for extracurricular activities.

Architecture is also one of the familiar hard-to-learn specialties. The technical requirements of the students for the students are too high, you do not spend time costs simply Hold it!

Veterinary Science

Weekly study duration: 37 hours

On average, veterinary students need to study 14 hours a week, extracurricular activities 5 hours a week, and a class time of 18 hours.

University of British Veterinary Specialties This subject focuses on the study of pathogens, epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal diseases. It is not difficult to learn because it is tainted with medicine.

The most famous universities for veterinary medicine in the UK are Cambridge University, Edinburgh University, Glasgow University, Nottingham University and so on.

Creative Art and Design

Weekly study duration: 34 hours

The creative arts and design profession includes many independent fields and directions such as: fine arts, graphic design, illustrations, textiles, interior design, fashion design, and animation.

In general, students spend 17 hours a week on their own. Undergraduates spend 17 hours in class and 5 hours in extracurricular activities.

Physical science

Weekly study duration: 32 hours

Physics students spend 15 hours a week in lectures and group discussions, study for 14 hours on their own, and spend 3 hours outside of class.


Weekly study duration: 31 hours

The survey shows that if you want to become an engineer, students need to spend 14 hours a week in the classroom, then use 14 hours of independent study, and 3 hours of extracurricular activities.

Although it is hard to learn a project, it must pay for it. The demand for graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in Britain is increasing year by year and is currently in a state of supply shortage. The employment situation of engineering majors in the UK is very good. After completing the studies, they are not looking for high-paying jobs. Every minute, they will embark on the peak of life to marry Bai Fumei.The poly university master offers a variety of undergraduate, taught master's degree and postgraduate research programmes through different faculties and schools, covering business management and finance.


Weekly study duration: 31 hours

According to HEPI's Student Experience Survey, undergraduates majoring in mathematics generally spend 13 hours per week in class or group discussion, spend another 15 hours for self-study, and 3 hours in extra-curricular activities. activity).

Students in mathematics are also very bitter regardless of their country of origin. I believe that the mathematics partner has a deep understanding!

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