i love this winter

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Winter cold always brings precipitation and meditation.
Winter in the south is less snow, so winter becomes the stage of the wind hk serviced apartment.  The wind was blowing, like naughty children knocking at the closed Windows, dancing the girl's hair, and galloping through the empty streets. The wind is like the magician, sometimes lively and sometimes furious, to the arrival of the winter to blow up the horn, slowly open the curtain.
In the winter, the world becomes lazy and silent. The sun was softly creeping up the night sky, climbing up the sky, but yawning and staring at the silent world with a shimmer of light, but not the darkness. Close to noon, launch the sun -- a rare thing in the winter, like a silver edge, set up heaven and earth transition, reflecting a white room, make the person precipitation in fresh air, to soak in the east gas and purple xia, strange and familiar master of chinese medicine hong kong.
The most amazing thing is the wood. From afar, the graceful ginkgo trees are like dancing girls in a towering evergreen tree. Winter always keeps this beautiful, even the glow of the rays wandering through the woods, attached. Walking in this "paradise", it is the silence of poetry, the thought of the picture. The ginkgo leaf, like a pair of delicate leaves, sprinkles the sky. Fall and fall on the ground, head, shoulders... The winding path of the sheep's gut was paved with golden ginkgo leaves painted in the winter. The evergreen leaves of the evergreen tree have nothing to do with the cold winter, standing proudly in this world myob support. The soft and the strong are fused with this, the division and the silence. Rain or shine is short, let my thoughts and winter stay here, with silence give this winter best answer.
Winter is pale, but meditation always writes a beautiful chapter. The cold winter is brisk, but silence always keeps this beautiful! To my favorite -- winter!

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